Who We Are

Watkins Media

In 1893 John Watkins decided to shake up the UK’s literary world by publishing books that pushed boundaries and expanded minds. Today the Watkins Media Group has built on that legacy with a collection of products and businesses that continue to challenge the status quo but more importantly have a positive impact on people’s lives.

From the books, magazines, and courses that we publish to our historic bookshop, inspiring online games platform and our heart-led book club – we want to give people tools to live happier, more fulfilled lives and give them the access to communities of people passionate about the same things.

inspiring imprints

Inspiring, enlightening and entertaining our book publishing imprints feature everything from health & wellbeing to science fiction & fantasy, philosophy to food, crime to critical thinking, self-help to esoterica and so much more

bite-sized wisdom

Bite-sized wisdom beautifully designed our magazines aim to challenge your thinking and give you tools to improve your lives

spiritual growth community

Visited by tens of thousands of people every year, the Watkins Bookshop, is the must visit for anyone with a passion for esoteric wisdom. But if you want to go on your own journey of spiritual growth, then try the hand-selected books at the Cygnus Book Club

online platform

Masterclasses from the very best teachers in everything from face yoga to mediumship can be found our online learning platform. Plus we have talks, interviews and more free content available on our YouTube channel. If you want to keep your mind fit or challenge yourself mentally then try one of the games on our Playstrategy platform

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